Sunday, 25 July 2010

Animation Showreel

There was a work placement offer not long back online.
They needed a CV and an Animation Showreel etc
I was moving house at the time and the deadline to hand everything in fell on the same day
So ... I made the showreel which is basically my "best" animations from 1st year and a few bits of animation from 2nd year
Unfortunately I got too distracted with moving house to hand in my stuff so I made the showreel and nothing came from it ... BUT, atleast now I have an Animation Showreel!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Final Major Project Hand-In

Uni is OVER for another year!!
There was a lot of good times :D ... and some bad times! :/
But all in all it's been a good year :)

Here's a video of my final Hand-In!
It's very unfinished (an explanation is all in the description) but I'm proud of what I managed to achieve by myself with no prior VFX & Compositing experience!
This year has been all about the learning and I've been lucky enough to learn a lot, and I'm looking forward to learning lots more next year! :D