Sunday, 4 November 2012

ZBrush Noob!

Long time no post!

Since my last post I got the job in North Wales with a company called Gaia Technologies.
My job title is 3D Artist which is great! I get to model, and dabble in some animating too. I've also been learning how to program which at first was a bit daunting but I've gotten the hang of things and it isn't all so bad.

I have been very busy in work so haven't been able to do much work in my spare time as I don't seem to be getting any, but I've recently been going to life drawing classes and have FINALLY been practicing ZBrush.
All my weekends have been pretty busy, but this weekend I was determined to start learning! I got a ZBrush essentials magazine a while back and followed a tutorial from there. For my first ever ZBrush sculpt I am happy with the result. I know I could have added a bit more detail and wrinkles but I didn't want to overdo it first time round ... here's the result: