Monday, 11 April 2011


So now that all the models are modelled and unwrapped I've been busy texturing my Alien and Spaceship.
They've been taking a lot longer than they should have because as a Director these 2 models aren't the only things I need to spend my days working on, so most days I don't even get to do my own work ... but at least it's getting there and the film is looking real nice! :)

Here are some WIP images for the 2 models starting with my favourite, the Big Alien:
  • Alien only has a basic Diffuse Map with Ambient Occlusion
  • Only the Body has been textured so far, not the Hooks or Bracelet
  • Been working on Normal Maps with xNormal, really nice programme but still need some tweaks to the Maps, so they haven't been included in these images

And then the beast of a Spaceship:
  • Only Diffuse Maps again for the spaceship
  • Ambient Occlusion doesn't work nicely while projecting onto the UV unwrap so it will be added later on as a separate render pass
  • Some textures are only there as placeholders at the moment, like the objects below the spaceship
  • The giant rock mountain looks pretty gross right now! ... I've had trouble unwrapping it because it's so high poly and I should have unwrapped it while it was still a box (silly me) but at least I know for next time now, so I've been trying a procedural map, and failing at the moment, so the rock texture will definitely be changed!!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Everyone check out our group blog!!
If you guys are interested in seeing how our project is going then check it out!!
You get to see what everyone has been up to on our side and the Motion Design side so it's worth a look!



Also, we've been thinking of a name for our film and we've come up with "DAY 83" so it gives an idea of how long the invasion has been going on for ... what do you guys think? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :)