Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Veg Face!

I haven't been doing much recently in terms of work I can post on my blog. I've finished a 2 and a half week work experience at Red Wire Media in Cardiff Bay and I've also been modelling some props for GamesLab while trying to look for some sort of job. Unfortunately the job hunting isn't going so well at the moment, but I'm not giving up yet! :)

Something that I CAN post on my blog is this painting I made for my Nan's church's harvest. It was her idea to make a face out of Fruit and Veg so I designed the face and painted it for her.
It took me around 2 days to complete using acrylic paints and was a nice break from being on the computer and using traditional media instead. And she gave me £40 for making it ... Score!

The paper was pretty big so I used coffee to stain the paper around it so it wasn't so white. The cluster of berries on the right cheek was supposed to be raspberries but they didn't turn out so great and now they look more like blackberries ... so now that's what they are ;) they were actually the hardest thing to paint and the easiest was probably the melon fringe.

I'm really happy with the result seeing as I haven't painted for a while, and I realised it kinda looks like me! ... It's just a shame the photos of it didn't come out so great

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