Monday, 21 May 2012

Handwritten Effect

My brother is on the Performance & Media course and asked me to make a handwritten effect for the title of his 2nd year film 'Losing Faith'
I made this for him in After Effects. The technique is pretty simple to do. I found a quick tutorial on YouTube and added a ripple/dissolve effect at the end, and this is the result ... the background is a still from the shot:

There is a problem with this technique though! If you're lazy with it it won't look so seamless as you might want. If you look carefully at the video below you will see that as the letters are being written you can see part of the stroke of the letter. For example, the "F" or the "t" in "Faith," as the stroke follows the letter you can see part of the dash ... which is not good! I saw this technique used on an advert the other day, I can't remember which one it was but I remember thinking that it looked lazy because they didn't bother try and fix this problem:

The way I fixed it was pretty quick and easy. I made a new precomp and literally just masked over the stroked areas I didn't want to be shown and animated the masks. It didn't take that long to fix and in my opinion the result is a lot nicer:

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