Friday, 20 November 2009

Advanced Tech: Modelling & Rigging

My second project into 2nd year and I had my first modelling project as part of Advanced Tech. Using 3Ds Max I had to build a 3D model of my hand.
This was my first time building and modelling anything on the computer and it was a lot of fun!
My hand model might not be perfect but I'm very happy with how it looks considering it was my first time modelling :)

Here's a Low Poly Tunraround of my hand model:

High Poly Turnaround:

To finish the hand model off I had to texture it using my own combination of maps in the Material Editor. We were told to experiment and to try and make a realistic looking texture for our hand using the material editor so we could learn and familiarise ourselves with it and it's functions.

Here's a turnaround of my hand with the Final Texture:


After the model was built I had to rig it so I could make it move ... My first time rigging and not the easiest/funnest thing to do but luckily I managed to get into the whole envelope and bulge modifier stuff.

Here's my First Deform Test for my hand rig:

Second Deform Test:

I'm happy with how my rig turned out although I'm not too fussed on how the thumb deforms ... but, apparently the thumb is the hardest part to get moving realisticly, soooooooooooo ... I'm happy :)

Here's a final little animation of my hand moving from one position to another to show off the rig! :

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