Saturday, 13 March 2010

Pre-Production: Monster

My Monster character changed a lot during Pre-Production. At first I wasn't sure what the Monster was like as a character, so I started off by just playing around with different shapes and sizes. Once the story started developing so did the design of the Monster. He started off as a good character who looked scary and dangerous in the dark, so I experimented with that ... Then the character was a bad guy so the design changed again!
The Monster is a representation of a Bully. The final design is a more detailed and updated version of the Monster that the Boy draws in all of his drawings. His features are hidden, but his big eyes see everything! Smoke surrounds the Monster's body to hide his identity ... it also helps him be hidden from sight as he hunts the Boy!

Here's my whole development process for the Monster character, complete with Action/Expression Sheets, Colour Tests and Turnarounds:

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