Thursday, 31 March 2011


Haven't blogged in a while due to organization and filming etc. ... so I thought the best thing I could do was explain to you guys what's been going on

Soooo FILMING ... We managed to film our main shots in Treorchy the other day, the footage looks AMAZING! and I'm very excited to get the footage out to everyone so everything can come together!
We still need to film some shots in the other location but it's great we've finally filmed so we can properly get going on making this VFX project

Me and Joe made an edit of the film so we have some stuff we can show you guys, but maybe just a sneak peak because we don't want to spoil everything for you ;)


The BIG ALIEN ... I finished everything in Mudbox. To finish it off I added a lot more detail in the mesh including veins and patches of hard skin so the hard and the smooth blend together a lot nicer.
I also added a stretch to the skin where the hooks are so they look like they are actually attached to his body:

After the Mudboxin I retopologized the mesh in TopoGun so it's a nicer, cleaner mesh to work with.
Taking the mesh straight from Mudbox didn't work because I lost a lot of detail when going down the levels, and the poly count was massive, so I had no choice really but to retopologize.
It was very tricky trying to get my head around all the software restrictions and bugs, but it turned out for the better because the mesh looks reeeeaaaal nice!

So I made a little video comparing my old mesh that I made in 3DsMax then put into Mudbox, and the new one which was retopologized in TopoGun:

Untitled from Aled Matthews on Vimeo.


The SPACESHIP ... I'm in the middle of texturing this bad boy! It's a beast of a ship so it took me forever to Unwrap everything but it's finally done!! :D So now I'm in the process of texturing and it's looking good so far! Haven't got much to show at the moment so when I have a bit more I'll start putting some WIPs up on the blog, but for now here's some Close-Ups of the ship to show you guys all the little details ... Enjoy!

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