Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mudboxin' WIP

I've spent a few days working on the big alien in Mudbox, along with unwrapping the spaceship and writing my dissertation! (FUN!)

Here's some snaps of the Mudbox work so far ...

I started off with the muscle tone for the alien. He's a big muscly thing, like the Hulk, so I wanted to give him lots of muscle definition to make him look like he'd be hard to shoot down ... you wouldn't want to mess with him! (ignore the handcuff as it's there for reference so it won't look that smooth in the end)

After the muscle tone and definition I modelled the hard deformed skin around his body and his boulder hand. Also I chipped away at his nails on his feet and hand so he looks like they've been damaged doing some digging. There's still some work to be done on his back, the spikes and the hooks, but the Mudbox work should be finished pretty soon!

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