Sunday, 5 June 2011


Glammies was a couple of days ago and I think the affects of the alcohol are still in my system which obviously means it was a great night! :)

Our film was in the show. We didn't win, but like I said before it's not about the winning, it's just about the opportunity to show everyone the film we've been working hard on for the past months. We had a great reaction to the film which is what we always wanted. Everyone had something nice to say which was really heart warming and I really appreciate all the positive feedback.
There was a lot of amazing pieces in the show so it was very tough this year, but everyone did a great job of their work, even the ones that hadn't been nominated, I know they had amazing pieces too.

So it's all over and now it's time to look for a job. Now that the Glammies is also over I can finally put up my showreel and all my other work I've finished. The film may take a bit longer to put up because we just need to sort some stuff out. Hope you all enjoy!

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