Wednesday, 1 June 2011

It's Nearly Over!!

For some reason blogger hasn't liked me for the past few weeks. Either the server is down, or it constantly refreshes the page so i can't get to my dashboard, or I can't copy and paste things which is a surprisingly big problem! ... so any who, that's why I've been a bit behind on updating recently ... oh, and because we've been super busy trying to finish our film!!

We got nominated for Glammies which is great! It's not about the winning, but just the opportunity to show everyone our film on the big screen. We hope everyone enjoys it!
At this stage, 2 days before Glammies and 1 day before we're supposed to hand in our final piece, it's going to be a push to finish. Me and Joe have done all we can so we're literally in uni just supporting the motion design guys as they try and finish bits and pieces off, ready for Glammies.
I believe some of them will finish for us, but unfortunately we've had trouble with others who have been quite unreliable the past week, so they are holding us back a bit. We appreciate everything they've done for us, but at the same time we just want to give them a little kick to finish it off ;)

Hopefully in one of the next few posts I'll be able to put up a video of our film so you can all see, but at the moment every ones work is on Lockdown until after the Glammies, so all I want to say is GOOD LUCK, POB LWC to everyone who's nominated and Well Done to all the 3rd years! It's been a great 3 years and I know a lot of people have amazing work that unfortunately won't be shown at the Glammies, but I'm looking forward to seeing them all at the exhibition instead :D

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