Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Play-Doh Fun!!

So ... I went to my local Tesco's not long back to get some booze, as you do, and on my travels around Tesco I saw some Play-Doh! Of course, like every 20 going on 21 year old student I was like "ZOMG! PLAY-DOH! MUST BUY!!!" So I did :D

Now, obviously it must be pretty strange for a student to buy alcohol and the amazing Play-Doh at the same time cos I got some right dodgy looks off people!!
A teenager in the queue, for example, was with his mother and STARING at me and pointing and whispering to her ... I was like WTF?! haha!
He was constantly doing it so I actually turned around and said it was for my uni project, kinda. He just looked at me and carried on whispering, so again I was like WTF?! haha!

Then the girl at the till first scanned all the booze I was buying, then when it came to the Play-Doh she picked it up, turned it around a bit in her hand and just looked at it funny as if she was like ... WTF?
So ... I thought I had to explain myself why I was buying Play-Doh at the same time I was buying some booze by telling her that it was for my uni project. She just said "Oh, uhhhh, Ok then :)" (aka I don't really care, why are you telling me this)

Anyway, I thought it was very amusing and just thought I'd share my eventful trip to Tesco with my blog readers :)

After getting home I made my Bee character with the Play-Doh because that's how I want my CG character to look like in the end ... made out of Play-Doh ... so I thought it would be a good reference to use while modelling. Tesco only had Orange and Green so I had to make it out of them. I think he looks kinda cute :)

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