Thursday, 8 April 2010


After Advanced Tech was over I started on the Pre-Viz for my advert.
For anyone who doesn't know what a Pre-Viz is, it's basically to help figure out what camera angles work best to frame each shot, and also to help time each shot out for the animation and music.

Because I'm doing a Compositing project all the Environments/Props in the Pre-Viz has to be to scale, so when I stick a camera in the digital bedroom, for example, I know I have enough room in real life for the camera to take the shot.
It was lots of fun measuring out my housemate Danie's bedroom (where the scene is gonna be shot) going back into my room to build it all up, then realising several times that I hadn't measured something, then going back into her room to bug her again and again after forgetting again and again to measure something up before I finally had everything measured!!

Anywho ... here's a diagram of the 3D Environments & Props measured to the nearest inch:

Here's my first (and definitely not last) take on the Pre-Viz for my Anti-Bullying advert:

First Pre-Viz from Aled Matthews on Vimeo.

  • A lot of the shots are very quick and some of the camera angles are terrible! Some are too far, others don't frame very well or just need rewoking all together. Soooo ... time to work more on my Pre-Viz i guess!

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