Sunday, 13 February 2011


I finished modelling the Mothership a couple of days ago and it's turned out pretty nice :)
I put the rock mountain into Mudbox to give it a bit more shape and created a few craters so it looks like the mountain has been dug into for resources by the aliens

There's a cool free plug-in for 3Ds Max called Greeble. From the website: it says "A fun modifier plug-in useful for generating random detail for spaceship models, cityscapes, Death Stars..." ... so yeah, works really nice and I used it for the cityscape (which I then modified) and for random detail around the spaceship model

Here's some WIP stills of the Spaceship:

Basic Spaceship Model
Basic Ring and Energy Weapon
Added more detail to Weapon
Basic shape of Mountain
Developed shape of Mountain
Added Props to the bottom of the Ship
Added the Mine Wheel to the Rock Mountain
Added the Buildings to the Mountain (we joked that the mountain looked like a giant turd so I coloured the buildings green and yellow for shits and giggles!!)
Modelled the Tubes with Splines
Modelled the Floating Rocks
Added detail to the Mothership's Main Body
Created the Cityscape using Greeble, then modified
Reshaped the Mountain in Mudbox
Finished the model off by Reshaping some things and adding extra detail to the Ship's body using Greeble Plug-In

Here are some stills of the finished model to get a better look of all the detail:

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