Friday, 11 February 2011

Tank Alien

I've been on and off working on the Big Alien's model for a couple of weeks cos I've been working on the Spaceship at the same time while my friend Danie played around with rigging the Alien to see if the mesh needs changing ... which luckily it doesn't!

Anywho I haven't been good on updating my blog with WIP's while I've been modelling so I've put together some jpegs of how I went from beginning to end with the mesh. Now it's time to put it into Mudbox to add the extra details! :

Basic Body Mesh

Added Feet

Basic Head Mesh

Added Hands

Modelled Handcuff

Modelled Boulder Hand

Added Teeth

Remodelled Handcuff

Tidied Up Mesh and Reshaped

Connected Boulder Hand to Body Mesh

Added Hooks to Finish the Mesh


  1. Thank You!! :)
    stupid blog wouldn't let you click on images to enlarge but I've fixed that now so you can see it better!! :)