Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ultimate Image

For Business Studies we've had to create an Ultimate Image, as in an image which represents you as a person/artist ... and here's mine!

It has a lot of meaning behind it (lots of cheesy stuff) but I'm happy with how it turned out.
I better explain what I mean by there being lots of meaning behind it, so now prepare yourself for the dreaded CHEESE!

The 3 characters are ones that I have modelled the past couple of years of uni. I have modelled others, but they weren't anatomical like these. The further back the characters go means that they were the earliest characters I modelled, with my Big Alien at the front as he is the one I'm working on at the moment. (The only bad thing about adding him in was that his textures aren't finished, but luckily they look good enough to work in the image) The monster at the back was my first attempt at modelling a character, and Modo from Biker Mice From Mars was my 2nd anatomically correct character.

We've been learning about layouts in Business Studies so I laid them out in a triangle so that it draws the eye down to the Big Alien in the middle. I decided to make a half and half image with coloured characters and the wireframe counterparts because as a CG Artist one of the things to look for is a good clean mesh, so I can show off both my skills of modelling and texturing in this image. I was inspired by Alex Ross' comic concept cover for Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, as seen below. It gave me the idea of halving the characters into two with the coloured and the wireframe while making them look like one being

it's CHEESE time!
You might be wondering why I used my Tree from my environment project as the thing to split down the middle? Well I thought that the Tree could represents my ever growing growth of skill and knowledge as an artist. The Tree is my source of energy which lays above the clouds which represents my imagination. The light source emitting from behind the Tree is my power source which is shining down on the character models to represent my imagination's power helping me create these characters ... I warned you it was CHEESY!!! :)

Here's an example of the Ultimate Image if we were allowed to put text. It's just my name in the middle as I am the creator and it's a nice blue to compliment the orange colours beaming around the image:

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