Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wall Smash Test

For the bit in the film when the Big Alien smashes through the wall, I was playing around with particle and fractal effects in 3Ds Max

There's an amazing tutorial on Youtube where he goes through the process step by step in great detail. All you need to do is download a free plug-in which he provides for you with a link
The link for the tutorial can be found here for anyone who's interested:

For my first attempt I followed the tutorial exactly just to get the hang of things. It was a quickly modelled wall following the guy's instructions, and eveything else I followed exactly too.
And here's my first result I got from following the tutorial.

I was very very happy with the results. For the final comp I needed to change a few things like the size and amount of bricks, the speed, bounce, size of the hole etc.

I made the floor too small so the bricks fall into space which is pretty funny. Hulk Smash!!

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